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Wedding photo of George William Ivall and Emma Armitage

The wedding was at St Matthias Church, Stoke Newington on 26 August 1906.

Emma (aged 23) and George (25) are seated in the middle. Emma’s parents Robert Melton Armitage (59) and his wife Ellen nee Pinnuck (51) are behind her. George’s parents George Ivall (53) and his wife Alice Eliza nee Newman (50) are behind him.

The four bridesmaids are the sisters of Emma and George. From left to right they are Gertrude Ellen Armitage (17), Rose Lily Ivall (20), Florence Edith Armitage (19) and Alice Elizabeth Luxford nee Ivall (28).

In the row behind the bridesmaids there are, from left to right :
Henry Charles Bull (19), who later married Gertrude Ellen Armitage
Unknown woman (her face is partly obscured by hats)
Unknown man
Robert Melton Armitage* (25), Emma’s eldest brother who witnessed the signing of the marriage register and later died in WW1. He is holding his daughter Ellen Elizabeth Armitage* (2).
Ann Ellen (Maria) Armitage nee Godfrey* (29), wife of Robert.
William Frederick Armitage* (22), Emma’s brother
Albert David Ivall (17), George’s brother who later married Florence Edith Armitage.
Charles James Luxford* (27), husband of Alice.

Seated in front are Emma’s brothers George Henry Armitage (8, who became an international footballer) and Alfred John Armitage (13).

Tentative identifications are marked* 

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