Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wedding of Albert David Ivall (1889-1960) and Grace Nettleton (1903-76)

Albert Ivall’s first wife Florence died in February 1945. He married Florence Nettleton on April 8th 1946 at St John’s Church, Palmers Green in North London. Grace had been the Sunday School teacher to Albert’s two daughters.

The wedding photo above contains the following people

Front row: unknown man, Daisy Nettleton ? (aged 43, Grace’s sister), Kathleen Edith Keenan nee Ivall (aged 29, Albert’s daughter), Albert David Ivall (57), Grace Ivall nee Nettleton (42), unknown man, unknown woman.

Second row: unknown woman, Marjorie Joan Cossey nee Ivall (25, Albert’s daughter), Charles Bernard Keenan (35, Albert’s son-in-law), Rose Lily Kebbell nee Ivall (60, Albert’s sister), Florrie Davis, unknown woman.

Third row: Ernest Alfred Cossey (25, Albert’s son-in-law), Emma Laughton, formerly Ivall nee Armitage (62, Albert’s sister-in-law), Walter Edwin Kebbell (60, Albert’s brother-in-law), Fred Davis, unknown woman.

Albert’s sister Alice Elizabeth Luxford nee Ivall (1877-1939) and brother George William Ivall (1880-1934) are not in the photo as both had died by then. Grace had two sisters (Edith and Daisy) and two brothers (James and Henry) who were all older than her. Edith died in 1938, but the others are probably in the photo, although I can’t definitely identify them. Fred and his wife Florrie Davis were friends of Albert.

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