Monday, 21 August 2017

Ivall Blog Statistics

I started my Ivall family history blog in 2007 with an article about the life of James Ivall (1745-1809), but didn’t add the next item until 2012. I have now posted a total of 83 items (including this one). The blog is published using Google Blogger, which provides statistics on the number of people who have looked at it.

The total number of page views so far is 43,428. This seems a surprisingly large number, as I would expect that the blog would only be of interest to those related to people called Ivall, a very uncommon surname. The largest number of page views came from the United States (12,045) followed by the UK (7,512), Russia (5,267), Germany (4,398) and France (2,436). Why my blog has been viewed in Russia, Germany and France is not clear to me, since Ivall is not a surname in these countries.

The items with the most page views are
839 : David Victor Dick (1924-2001), jump jockey
568 : Samuel Oram MD, FRCP (1913-1991), eminent cardiologist
542 : Dennis Endean Ivall (1921-2006), artist and art teacher
435 : Charles Ivall (1779-1832), 4th child of James Ivall
355 : Emma Heywood nee Ivall (1835-1886), New Zealand pioneer
206 : George William Ivall (1880-1934), bus conductor and caretaker
202 : Fred Gregory Bampton (1891-1917), soldier who died in World War One
189 : William Frank Ivall (1871-1953), postman
153 : David James Ivall (1830-73), artist and coach maker
147 : Kenneth Bolton Legg (1889-1990), surveyor and centenarian

Several people have seen my blog and contacted me with additional information and pictures, for which I am most grateful.

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