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William Frank Ivall (1871-1953), postman

William Frank Ivall was a great grandson of Charles Ivall (1779-1832) who was an elder brother of Thomas Ivall (1781-1835), my great great great grandfather.

William was born 10 May 1871 in Basingstoke in Hampshire, the sixth of seven children (six girls and two boys) born to Henry Charles Ivall (1827-1893, a carpenter and joiner) and his wife Mary Ann (b1834).

In 1881 William’s family were living in Church Street, Dorking and consisted of Henry (53, a carpenter), Mary (45) Henry (13) and William Ivall (9). The records of Dorking British School contain an entry dated 19 May 1881 stating exam results. Among those listed were W Ivall, who achieved the grade of "good" in the 1st grade freehand drawing exam.

British Postal Service Appointment Books show that William was appointed as telegraph messenger in March 1886, when he was aged 14. In July 1889 he became a sub postman and in December 1891 he was a postman in London Zone II. The London Gazette of 20 August 1889 contains a list of appointments including that of William Frank Ivall as a London postman.

The 1891 census shows that William (aged 19, a postman) was a boarder at 18 Ireton St, Bromley by St Leonard, Bow. In 1901, William (27, a postman) was living at 98 Eleanor Road, Hackney. At the same address were his brother Henry (33), Henry’s wife Ellen (31) and their 5 children plus two boarders.

The 1911 census lists William Frank Ivall (aged 39, a postman), his wife Sarah J (42) and their adopted son Frank (9) living at 64 Navarino Rd, Dalston, Hackney. Also at the address were William’s stepfather David Rendall (80) and a boarder. The census says that William and Sarah had been married for 4 years. In fact William did not marry Sarah Jane Coxall (b1867) until 1916. The wedding was in Hackney, he was 45 and she was 49. Records indicate that they had no children apart from Frank.

The 1922 Electoral Register for Hackney Central shows William and Sarah living at 64 Navarino Rd, E8.

On 9 May 1931 William, retired as a postman aged 60. The London Postal Archive has the letter sent to the Treasury stating his pension entitlement. On his retirement, William’s salary was £119.19.8 per year. The value of his uniform was assessed at £2.10.0 per year, making a total of £122.9.8. His pension was 60% of the total ie £73.10.0 per year. The letter gives his absence record in the last 5 years of his employment. It shows that he was absent due to illness 16 days in the year up to 10 May 1927, 26 days in 1928, 47 days in 1929, 33 days in 1930 and 31 days in 1931. This seems like quite a lot ! William had worked as a postman for 41 years and 8 months was recommended for an Imperial Service Medal which was a long service award to junior staff in the civil service who had an unblemished record and at least 25 years service. It is a silver circular medal bearing the effigy of the reigning monarch on one side, and the motif of a naked man resting after work with the legend 'For Faithful Service' on the other side. The name of the recipient is engraved on the rim. It is suspended on a ribbon of crimson with a blue central stripe. The London Gazette of 23 June 1931 reported that the medal was awarded to William on 9 June 1931.

The 1929 and 1933 Electoral Registers for Hackney Central show William and Sarah still at 64 Navarino Rd. Also in the household were Frank Ivall and his wife Dora Gardner Ivall.

The 1939 national register lists William (a retired postman) and Sarah Ivall at 64 Navarino Road.

William’s wife Sarah died 1943 aged 76 in Hackney and was buried in Abney Park Cemetery. William died in 1953 aged 81. The probate record reads

“William Frank Ivall of 64 Navarino Rd, Hackney died 18 Jan 1953 at Hackney Hospital. Administration (with will) to Annabelle Beatrice Cohen, spinster £750.”

William’s will is handwritten and doesn’t seem to be have been completed. It is signed but not dated or witnessed and no executors are named. The will reads

“I give and bequeath to my housekeeper Beatrice Cohen everything. Sydney Crewdson is to have my gun, Frank Ivall Graham Rd is to receive my Wife’s astijus (?) china in the cellar. Frank Ivall Graham Rd E8 is to receive my oil painting of old Dad. Frank Ivall Leyton is to receive my oil painting in the cupboard in the hall. I also”

The will ends at this point ! Sidney Greenhow Crewdson was living at 64 Navarino Road with William in 1949. Frank Ivall Graham Rd is William’s adopted son Frank (1901-86). Electoral registers for 1946 and 1954 show him and his wife Dora living at 124 Graham Rd, Hackney. Frank Ivall Leyton is probably Henry Frank Ivall (1896-1962), William’s nephew whose daughter was married in Leyton during 1956.

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