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William Ivall (1859-1940), plumber’s shopman

The tenth and last child of my great great grandfather David Ivall (1816-67) was William Ivall, who was born on 26 March 1859 in Southwark. In 1861, David Ivall’s family were living at 19 Nursery Row, Walworth and consisted of David (aged 44, a coach maker), his wife Elizabeth (43) and their children Georgina (17), Elizabeth (10), George (7), Louisa (5) and William (2). Nursery Row no longer exists. There is a park where the road used to be.

William’s father David died in 1867 when William was aged 8. In 1871 his mother Elizabeth (53, a general dealer) was living in Cottage Row, Rodney Road, St Mary Newington, Lambeth with her children George (18, a cabinet maker), Louisa (15, a domestic servant) and William (11). William appears in the 1881 census aged 22, a plumber’s labourer, living at 1 Vittoria Place, St Pancras with his mother Elizabeth aged 63, a charwoman.

On 17 April 1881 William (aged 22) was married at St Pancras Church to  Matilda Fordham aged 23, the daughter of a builder, They went on to have 8 children, namely Matilda Elizabeth (1882-1973), William Charles  (1883-1968), Elizabeth Jane (1886-1979), Harriett (b1888), David (1890-1), Ernest (1892-4), Albert Edward (1894-1969) and Nellie (1896-1973). They were baptised at St Mary’s Church, Islington.

William was employed as a labourer and then as a foreman by Patman & Fotheringham, Lead Merchants (later Cubits). Dennis Ivall’s notes say that, although only a short man, he used to take pride in lifting heavy rolls of sheet lead and is said to have won many a bet on being able to do so. William (aged 32, a plumber’s shopman) appears in the 1891 census living at 44 Freeling St, Islington with his wife Matilda (33) and their children Matilda (9), William (7), Elizabeth (5), Harriett (2) and David (6 months). William’s brother George Ivall (1953-1932) and his family were living nearby at 51 Freeling Street.

The family were still at 44 Freeling Street in 1901 and consisted of William (aged 42, a plumber’s shopman), Matilda (43), Matilda (19), William (17), Harriett (12), Albert (7) and Nellie (4). Charles Booth did a survey of London in 1898-9. He classifies the inhabitants of Freeling Street as being in category 3 (out of 7) “Poor. 18s. to 21s. a week for a moderate family.” Electoral registers show that William continued to live at 44 Freeling Street until 1910.
William and his wife Matilda

In 1911, the household consisted of William (52, a house decorator), Matilda (53), Matilda Elizabeth (29, an artificial florist), Elizabeth Jane (25, a machinist), Harriett (22, a machinist), Albert Edward (17, a boot warehouseman) and Nellie (14). They lived at 34 Harvist Rd, Islington. This road no longer exists but was near Arsenal Football Club’s new stadium at Ashburton Grove. The dwelling had 4 rooms. The census return says that William and Matilda had 8 children, 6 of which were alive in 1911.

William’s occupation is given as house decorator on the marriage certificate of his daughter Elizabeth in 1914 and as labourer on the marriage certificate of his daughter Harriett in 1915.

William’s wife Matilda died in October 1921 aged 63. She was buried in Islington Cemetery in  Finchley. The burial register gives her address as 27 Harvist Rd, Islington. Electoral registers show William living there in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of his children also lived at the address, for instance in 1931 Nellie (with her husband Frederick) Betts, Matilda Elizabeth Ivall and Elizabeth Jane (with her husband Samuel Charles) Taylor. The 1939 national register says that William (a retired builder's labourer) and his daughter Matilda Elizabeth (an artificial flower maker) were living at 27 Harvist Road.

William was still living at 27 Harvist Rd when he died in August 1940 aged 81. He was buried in Islington Cemetery. There is no record of probate on his estate.

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